2022 Goals

So as part of wanting to use this website more I wanted to make some goals to look at achieving over the year, both in the content creation and gaming field, as well as in the personal and health fields. This page will grow and evolve over the year as as things happen!

Content Creation and Gaming

  • Get into a regular streaming pattern
  • Complete as many games as I can
  • Final Fantasy XIV – find a group to attempt end game content with
  • Final Fantasy XIV – Lose the plot completely and attempt TEA (The Epic of Alexander)
  • Hades – Fully complete the game
  • Play as many of the unplayed/never touched games in game libraries.
  • Roll Credits on as many games as possible.
  • Complete some LONG overdue projects (Podcast/video content – The KODA Show!)

Personal, Health and Wellbeing

  • Get in shape and lose weight
  • Start going to the gym (AND STICK WITH IT)
  • Eat better
  • Learn to drive
  • Have swimming lessons

Other goals

  • Have a go on a jet ski.
  • Go to Fireworks at Alton Towers
  • Visit as many theme parks as possible.
  • Assuming they make it to the UK, go to an AEW (All Elite Wrestling) Show.