Entertainment Log

So I’ve created this to create a log of what I’ve completed playing, watching or reading in 2022 as well as list the things on my to play, to watch or to read list! If they are bolded and have no date next to them, then they are to play/watch/read list!

Tv and Movies

TitleDate WatchedNotes
Jeff Dunham: A Very Special Christmas Special1/1/2022Jeff Dunham’s Christmas special on Amazon Prime Video
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit1/1/2022


TitlePlatformDate StartedDate Completed (Rolled Credits)Notes
Final Fantasy XIV: EndwalkerPC/PS57/12/2021OngoingOnline Multiplayer game, been playing for a number of years, but this is the latest expansion pack


TitleAuthorDate StartedDate CompletedNotes
The Fowl Twins Get What They DeserveEoin Colfer3rd book in the Fowl Twins series
The One Impossible LabyrinthMatthew Reilly7th book in the Jack West Jr series.