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So I’ve decided to revive and start making use of the website properly now we’re into 2022. I have plans and intending to make this the home of the content project I have (assuming I actually get it off the ground!) In the meantime, I’ll be writing posts to share that will eventually become episodes in the project (AKA The KODA Show!)

I’ve already got a couple planned that I’m working on, so they’ll be online in hte next couple of days when I finish them.

In the meantime you can checkout what I have for my 2022 Goals, as well as the start of my 2022 entertainment log and see what I’ve been playing/watching/reading and see what’s on my to play, to watch or to read lists!

This is obviously still a massive work in progress, but as it’s the start of the new year, I wanted to make a go at this!

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