So here’s a schedule for the streams, all going to plan there will be streams on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. There may also be streams on the weekend, but they will be as and when.

Most of the time we will be running on the normal schedule, where will we aim to kick streams off between 6PM and 6:30PM UK time. Every few weeks though I have to do a late shift at work, this means that the streams will start around an hour later between 7PM and 7:30PM.

Mon and TueWed/ThurFriSat/Sun
Normal6PM/6:30PMNo Streams6PM/6:30PMWildcard
Late Shift7PM/7:30PMNo Streams7PM/7:30PMWildcard

We’ve got different shows for each stream, to add a little structure, check them out below.

Monday – Roll Credits: We focus on one game until we Roll Credits on the game.
Tuesday – Luck of the Draw: I specify a list of games and we’ll pick one at random to play for the stream
Friday – Koda’s Call: In Koda’s Call it’s a free for all and up to me on what we play, so anything is possible!
Weekend – Joker in the Pack: The weekend streams are known as Joker in the pack, they will be wildcard streams.

Finally we have a few extra modifers to spice things up slightly which can be implemented on any of the streams

Double Trouble – we’ll play two games on stream rather than three
Triple Threat – like Double Trouble, but we’ll play three different games on the stream.
Bonus Round – Any bonus streams outside of the normal schedule will have this modifer.
Gold Mode – Any special charity streams will come under this modifer.
Ready Player Two – If we have a stream with a second person it’ll come under this.
Party Protocol – Normal rules are out the window and we’re doing games with the community.
Randomizer – The schedule goes out the window and we mix everything up to do different themes on different days
Limit Break – The modifier to end all modifiers…If the Limit Break modifier is activated then absolutly anything is possible on the week it was activated for, no schedule, no plans, let’s just see what happens!