One of my 2022 goals is to do better at streaming and even try to grow my channel more! You can find me over at HERE I stream pretty much whatever I fancy at the time, but I’m trying to put a rough schedule in place as well as work though my long standing list of games I’ve not played in my games libraries.

My intention is to look at streaming Monday, Wednesday and Friday from around 6:30pm/7:00pm ISH (things will move due to work/travelling/food etc!) and stream for a few hours.

Monday – Roll Credits

So on Monday’s we’ll be doing what I’m calling Roll Credits. We’ll stream a game and (try!) to stick with until we complete the game to a roll credits. The List below is the games we’ll be looking to play during the Monday streams! If you’ve got any suggestions let me know either on stream or via the Discord!

Game TitlePlatformStart DateRoll Credits
Banjo KazooieN64/Xbox
Banjo TooieN64/Xbox
Legend of DragoonPlaystation
Super Mario SunshineGameCube/Switch

Wednesday – WHEEL OF DOOM!

On a Wednesday we’ll be looking at games that come from my not yet played list. Currently focused on steam but we’ll look at other platforms eventually! We’ll aim to play at least an hour of each game and go from there! The way we’ll be doing this if we’ll spin, THE WHEEL OF DOOM!

The wheel of doom! with the alphabet and additional options

As you can see it has most of the alphabet on (as well as ‘Numbers’ for any games that start with a number not a letter!), so we will spin the wheel and get a pick, and then chat can pick the next game! We’ll spin it at the end of Monday’s stream ready for Wednesday. There’s also a couple of extra picks:

  • JACKPOT! Koda’s Choice – Means I get to pick Wednesday’s game!
  • REVENGE OF THE MODS! – Mod Choice. – This gives the Mod’s free reign to pick any game from the list
  • Sad Trombone! Spin again – As it says on the tin, we get another spin of the wheel

Important Notes: I keep full final say on any of the games picked, if I cannot get them working or they turn out to be unsuitable for streaming, then we will get another pick via the Discord.

Friday – Free Reign

Friday is simple, it’s free reign, I’ll play whatever I feel like, I might continue the Roll Credits game, I might play something else, who knows!

Friday Bonus – Streaming with the Moonrock Crew

Now! On the rare occasion, there may be a bonus Friday stream in the evening with some of the mods and friends of the channel joining in. We occasionally stream Super Mario Odyssey Bingo along with some other multiplayer games!